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Recurring quality “social signals” and...


Safe, relevant, and legitimate backlinks!

Yep — it’s true. When you have lots of quality social signals and legit backlinks, you can dominate Google for all the free and targeted traffic your greedy heart desires.

But, getting legit, safe backlinks
and social signals is a major time suck

Let's be honest. To do SEO the right way can take months to see even a little result

It takes hours to manually share your content across the top social websites to get those precious backlinks and social signals.

Worse - each backlink needs to be carefully syndicated to avoid red flags from Google.

Which means it can take months to get enough backlinks and social signals to reach page #1 of Google.

However, we've finally created the affordable solution we desperately needed to get unlimited numbers of safe backlinks and social signals to skyrocket our rankings and traffic.

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Syndranker Developer Special

Automatically create unlimited numbers of high quality backlinks and social signals — and watch your website SHOOT to the top of Google — and stay there!

SyndRanker is your own automatic RSS backlinking, social signal creating tool that feeds your content across 15 major social networks on autopilot...

creating traffic—boosting backlinks and sending your website to the top of Google the safe and secure way!

Start getting traffic in 3 simple steps...

Connect your 15 different networks to syndicate to
Connect the RSS feed of your or YouTube channel. (Hint: combine with an autoblogging plugin for unlimited content and therefore, unlimited backlinks.)
Then, start your campaigns. Whenever you publish new content, SyndRanker automatically syndicates it to all your social networks

You don't need to be an SEO expert to get fast results
for you or your clients!

Just post your content, then sit back as SyndRanker syndicates your content around the web, builds you free backlinks and social signals, and gets you to the top of Google fast.

Watch how easy it is to start pulling free traffic in a demo by the developer:

SyndRanker is packed with breakthrough traffic—getting features you won’t find in other backlinking tools like...

Connect unlimited accounts to post to & run multiple unique, linking campaigns — target different niches with dedicated social media accounts to avoid red flags from Google.

Run 50 campaigns at any given time — crush it with a single website, or sending multiple websites to the top of Google.

Post to 15 different networks — get tons of backlinks and social signals with auto posting to your FB Page, FB Timeline, FB Group, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Delicious, Plurk, Buffer, Medium, Pinterest, Bitly, Evernote and Flickr profiles!

Schedule campaigns for future — make your backlinks appear natural to Google and other search engines, and give yourself a break with set n’ forget for passive backlinks, traffic and rankings!

Syndicate 'native' videos and embedded material — giving you more link juice than just regular links to videos.

Detailed report creator — perfect for seeing what’s working, and essential for SEO agencies who need to send detailed reports and PROOF to clients!

Create a stream of unlimited 'safe' links — Use an autoblogging plugin or our free bonus one to curate content on autopilot to your block , then use SyndRanker to syndicate it so you have unlimited numbers of backlinks forever!

Create 'tiered' linking campaigns for extra juice — Instead of syndicating links that point to one video or domain, set up multiple campaigns that point to web 2.0 properties that then point to that domain to create a safe, powerful linking network!

Developers rights included today — Use Syndranker for clients like as a Fiverr gig, to rank client’s videos with, or charge a monthly service for social signals. detailed reports and PROOF to clients!

Get Syndranker Developer Special Now
  • 100% Cloudbased
  • 100% traffic—getting guarantee
Simon Harries

When I look at products on the market, there’s one thing i ask myself.. Can this product benefit how much time i spend on activities? Synd-Ranker Dominates this for me.. I use this primarily for my Youtube channel and being able to Upload my video and then it get posted out Instantly, Scheduled or even distributed over my networks every so often has saved me so much time and time equals money.. Great tool, Huge benefit to my business.

Caroline Bini

Syndranker looks like a great tool and asset to have for my start up business.

'User Friendly, Fast & Automated = Syndranker

AMAZING - I've been looking for a tool to do something similar to SyndRanker for some time now. From the DEMO this exceeds what I was looking for and WOW; to be able to use this for client campaigns is awesome

Save HOURS of backbreaking work

No more manually sharing your content for backlinks and exposure — sit back and let SyndRanker build your backlinks for you — saving you hours of work, so you can focus on creating content, building your list, making sales and living your life!

Get mass exposure and instant FREE traffic

With syndication to all major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube, you can enjoy free instant exposure that your content deserves.

Unlike other tools you have full control over
your backlinking campaigns

If Google ever penalizes one of your sites or social media accounts, you can easily delete it or disavow it to protect your overall campaign.

All the other syndication softwares or mass backlinkers don't allow for this type of control, and it only takes one penalized link to destroy your rankings!

Buy NOW and you’re also getting a special bonus:

the free eMatico Autoblog plugin
for Unlimited Backlinks

Don’t have time to create content?
No problem!

The best part — when you combine the Autoblog plugin with SyndRanker, you can automatically syndicate these auto blog posts around the web for hands—free traffic and SEO boosting backlinks… even while you sleep!

SyndRanker will automatically syndicate unlimited backlinks to your website in a natural, Google friendly way that you fully control.

You can use this technique to create high PR niche sites that you can rank quickly because those unlimited links will build it's authority fast...

or to create a network of valuable, high-PR websites that you can use to post backlinks on, for instant SEO juice to any niche website you link to.

This autoblog plugin usually sells for $47 — but is yours absolutely FREE when you buy your copy of SyndRanker today!

Look, can you afford to keep slaving
over old traffic methods?

Instead, let SyndRanker automatically syndicate you or your clients content around the major networks and high traffic websites...

building you powerful, legitimate backlinks that boost your SEO rankings, and send your website to the top of Google, for all the FREE, passive traffic you could ever dream of!

And it won't cost you $100's either

  • You don't have to blow hundreds of bucks on advertising
  • You don't have to waste money on useless SEO tools or training
  • You don't have to burnout on social media marketing and manual backlinking

And it's way more affordable
than other tools, too...

SyndRanker OnlyWire SyndWire
Automation with RSS Feeds YES YES YES
Edit Post YES NO NO
Maximum Campaigns 5000 UNLIMITED 10
Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest YES YES Only Pinterest, & Twitter
Schedule Post YES NO NO
Campaign Report YES NO NO
Price Low one-time Price $99/mo $99/mo

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  • 100% Cloudbased
  • 100% traffic—getting guarantee

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How can we be so sure?

Because it’s so freakin easy...

  • No more slaving over dangerous SEO methods
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  • No more shady traffic tricks that stop working within days

However, if within 24 hours of using SyndRanker you aren't floored by how easy it is to get real SEO boosting backlinks and instant exposure on the major traffic websites...

then we insist you contact our rapid response team for an instant, no-questions asked, FULL refund.

Or if you find another backlinking tool that does everything that SyndRanker does at an even lower price than what you’re getting it for today...

then you are entitled to a full refund during your 30 day test-drive period.

No questions, no quibbles, no fine print.

Just imagine what it would feel like to have this traffic — wielding power at your fingertips...

Imagine being able to send any website to the top of Google and get instant mass exposure around the web on total autopilot?

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Wouldn't you LOVE waking up this kind of activity in your accounts tomorrow morning?

Imagine side-stepping weeks, months, or even YEARS of hard work along with thousands of wasted advertising dollars...

and never have to worry where the next visitor, subscriber, affiliate commission, product sale or client is coming from?

With SyndRanker, your traffic worries are over.

Let SyndRanker take care of your traffic so you can focus on building more products, creating more content, delivering better customer service, serving your tribe, or just taking time off to spend with the people you love


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SyndRanker Developer

(use for clients)

50 RSS Feeds | 5000 Syndications per month

VidAgency Ally - SyndRanker Special
  • 100% Cloudbased
  • 100% traffic—getting guarantee
Abhi Dwivedi

SEO is a tough game, but SyndRanker simplifies and automates it! We are used to doing syndication manually - but this will make life and ranking for keywords MUCH simpler.

Ankur Shukla

We do really well with our social media properties and solution, so very happy to see something that uses social syndication to complement how we grow our fan pages. I highly recommend SyndRanker.


How many syndications do I get per month?
You'll get 5000 Syndications Per Month.
How many networks can I connect?
You can connect up to 15 different networks like your FB Pages, FB Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Delicious, Plurk, Buffer, Medium, Pinterest, Bitly, Evernote and Flickr profiles.
How Many RSS Feeds am I allowed to connect?
Connect up to 50 different RSS feeds. Plug in your RSS feed from WordPress, YouTube, Facebook, and tons more!
Can I use this for clients, like on Fiverr or KonKer?
Yes you can with this special version available today only.

Get access to SyndRanker Developer today for a tiny one-time only investment with no monthly contracts.

Get SyndRanker Developer Special Now
  • 100% Cloudbased
  • 100% traffic—getting guarantee